About Us

More than 20 years meeting, a good time and sending guests is our family occupation.

We also manipulating hotel "MONI" in the heart of Rodopa mountain in the center of town. Smolyan, near the branch of the Varna Free University "Free University" historical museum, art gallery, planetarium, Rhodope Drama Theatre, Temple St. Vasarion Smolyan about 15 km. by kk Pamporovo.

Hotel "Moni" has counted 67 rooms, 5 suites, 7 studios, tavern-restaurant with a fireplace - 55 seats, playground, garden, conference hall, sports facilities, large parking. Rooms have satellite TV, wireless Internet, separate toilet and bathroom. More information can be found here www.hotelmoni.com

Since 2016 we now have a guest cottage, situated 500 m. In the woods of the complex itself. The villa has one apartment, three rooms and a living room. The maximum occupancy is 15-20 people.

The villa has an outdoor winter barbecue with fireplace and veranda and outdoor pool measuring 10 meters by 4.5 meters.

Your hosts will offer local dishes choice - clean food, famous patatnik, cakes, pancakes, hominy, barbecue, Rhodope sheep yogurt, grilled trout and many others.